Bodum YoYo infuser

The answer to anyone that says loose leaf tea is a pain, messy, fiddly, etc.  

Bla, bla, bla.  We've heard it all before.

This design classic from the engineers at Bodum is the answer.  Never again will you spend minutes poking the handle of a teaspoon up the spout of a teapot to remove that last renegade leaf clinging within.  Never again shall you dip your fingers into a mug of scalding tea to fish out the limp teabag.

Removing the need for a teapot at all, just pop the leaves in the basket, the basket in the mug, the water into the ensemble... (do something else for minute or two)... lift the basket to drain, tap the leaves out into the bin, rinse under the tap and you're done.  Perfectly brewed leaf tea, and not a stained finger in sight.

And yes, we use these all the time in the office.


Made of Black food-grade plastic with nylon mesh.  Dishwasher safe, and robust too; I'm still using one I have from back in 2007.

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Type: Brewing Kit

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