Deepali's Organic Second Flush Darjeeling FTGFOP1

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Type: Black Tea

This award winning tea is picked during the summer months when the tea plants are more vigorous.  Deepali Gaskell has selected this exemplar, delicately floral on the nose, reminiscent of rose and daphne.  A light dryness tantalisingly tickles the palate and warming muscatel notes develop with longer brewing.



Darjeeling teas need careful attention.  Deepali recommends you add freshly drawn water to the pot at a temperature of about 70-80 degrees and then add 1 level teaspoonful of tea per cup of water in the pot.  Steep for 6 minutes, strain into cup and enjoy the tea.  Take care not to over-brew, or to use too much tea, so as to extract only the finest flavour.”



About Deepali's Darjeeling

Darjeeling is picked by experts, taking just the bud and the youngest leaf.

Whenever we select teas from around the world, we rely in part on experts knowledgeable about particular terroirs to point us in the right direction.

Bath resident Deepali Gaskell really knows her Darjeeling. When she showed us samples of the teas she had selected from this year's crops, we were keen to join forces.

Deepali Gaskell, our Darjeeling Expert

Her passion for the fine teas from that region was inspiring. Deepali says "Darjeeling teas have so much character. Their varied flavours, from estate to estate, and from picking to picking, ensure there is a Darjeeling for every occasion."

Deepali's teas are sourced from organic estates working within Demeter's Biodynamic regime, ensuring that nasty chemicals won't spoil your drink. For every 1kg of final product, 22,000 buds must be picked, by hand and using just the ball of the index finger and thumb.  It is a true testament to the producer's commitment to quality.

Black and green teas score highly on the ORAC Scale, which measures Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, the antioxidant capacity of foods.

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