Iwachu Arare Cast Iron Teapot

The Arare style of teapot is a stunning classic with its raised dots design, making it highly tactile.  It is the perfect synthesis of form, function, engineering and manufacturing skill.

Sizes & Colours

The Arare is available in three sizes:

- 0.3L (2-cup) is the perfect gift for that someone who has everything - use it in the office, when studying, or to accompany a good book on the sofa.

- 0.55L (4-cup) brews enough for a good 'session' and keeps it warm since iron holds its heat so well.

- 0.8L (6-cup) is the pot for sharing; an eye-catching talking point when friends are round for tea.

Traditionally they were always black, but the modern, European fashion is for teapots in fancy colours - so the Iwachu team now makes a wide range.  See what takes your fancy - and if you can't find it, we can probably get it, so drop us a line. 


These make brewing leaf tea easy.  Just warm the pot with hot water to get it up to temperature, then pop the leaves in the basket, add the boiling water and steep for the appropriate time.  And as each teapot comes with a fitted stainless steel basket inside, it's easy to wash and rinse out.


Maintaining your piece of functional iron art is also a doddle.  The handy enamelled interior is easy to rinse clean and when you've finished using it (ideally whilst it's still hot) give it a rinse out and dry inside and out with a cloth.

Quality comes as standard with Iwachu, one of Japan's most respected foundries, and they are proud of their history.  All the pots come in gift boxes containing a booklet detailing how to look after your teapot, with some of the history of the factory and the manufacturing process.

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