Jin Shan Shi Yu (Green)

A truly refreshing green tea from Shan Zhuan County, which is near to the most famous mountain in Anhui Province, Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain).

The tea was originally made famous during the Qing Dynasty and it was used at that time as a tribute tea, one of few teas considered acceptable for presentation to the emperor.

Grown at 600-900m, the local climate is prone to mists which cover the hillsides for much of the year.  Considerable spring rainfall contributes to the quality of the fresh leaves and buds, which are rich in polyphenols, amino acids and catechins.

In flavour, it is light, aromatic and mellow, but without losing the connection to the fresh leaf through a 'vegetal' core.  It doesn't suffer from bitterness on the palate, and yields a lovely nose of cut grass with perhaps a hint of white chocolate and raspberry if you look for it.

Jin Shan (Golden Mountain) Shi Yu (Timely Rains) is so called because the shape of the curled leaves is redolent of rain drops.  It is pan-fried, and can be brewed multiple times.

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Type: Green Tea

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