Dr. Merryweather's "Caddy A" Blend

A few years back, Dr Merryweather approached me to create a blend for his everyday drinking pleasure.  Selecting from a range of samples I sent, this gentleman of exceptional taste chose "Caddy A" and the blend was born.  Now, through the benevolent desire to bring similar joy to the wider world, we offer it to the world online.

The infusion is a warming blend of Java, mid-grown Ceylon and Kenyan orthodox teas.  Best with milk, it has a sweet, slightly nutty edge, and a hint of toffee on the palate.

(Image notes: Some years back, Dr Merryweather was presented by a friend with a genuine (not proverbial) "chocolate teapot", shown in the image.  Chocolate Teapot (1998) by Jane Thomas, Chocnologist of York.)

Collections: Black Teas

Type: Black Tea

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